Mobile Equipment

Fedharmony’s ability to bring qualified manufacturers of specialty mobile equipment has resulted in an ever growing portfolio of products. If it’s big and on wheels or tracks, we can probably get it.

FY 2015 New Products

  • Amphibious Tracked Personnel Carrier and Hauler Hydraulic Transporter
  • Platform Hauler
  • 100T Multi-purpose Trucks
  • Mobile Laboratory (Sprinter)
  • Mobile Command Post Trailer
  • Past Performance Flat-Bed Trailers
  • Mobile Command Center (SCIF)*
  • Expandable Shelter Systems*
  • Rock Crusher
  • Volumetric Cement Mixer
  • Trailers*

Decontamination Trailers

  • Live Fire Trainers
  • Hazmat Training Trailer
  • Valve Maintenance Trailer Dive Trailer *Air Transportable